Short Stories

“The King’s Monster” at Amazon US/ UK/ Kobo/ B&N/ iBooks.  Two ambitious musicians are thrilled when they acquire a noble patron, but things go awry when a monster finds solace in their music.

An Invasion in Seven Courses” at Daily Science Fiction. A story about cooking and invasion.

“The Press of the Infinite Black” at Galaxy’s Edge. Amazon US/ UK/ B&N. This story has space pirates, kidnapping, smuggling, heirloom tomatoes, and bioengineering.

Your New Voice and You” at Daily Science Fiction — My take on mermaids and sea witches. Now also available in print in the Jan 2017 issue of Cicada magazine.

Baby Feet” at Daily Science Fiction — This is my first published  story.  I wrote it while nursing our second child and thinking about the intimate nature of this kind of feeding.

“Misericordia” won a contest over at when they were looking for new writers to put in their anthology along with established writers. This is available on Amazon or in the Fantasy Faction Anthology.

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