Art Saturday: Peacock


This week’s watercolor and pen doodle is a peacock. I added some gold acrylic paint to the feathers for extra gaudy, because that’s how peacocks roll. Close up of the feathers:


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News and stuff

I’m happy to say that Mike Resnick at Galaxy’s Edge has bought a story from me! More details as they are forthcoming.

Also, the Fantasy Faction Anthology, featuring my short story “Misericordia,” along with many other fine stories and essays, is available at Amazon US for $7.77 and Amazon UK for £4.99.

I hadn’t checked Goodreads in a while, but as it turns out, there’s a new review there and one on Amazon UK that namecheck my story as being good. That’s a pretty amazing feeling, to be honest.

Coming soon I’ll put together a short story page for out and forthcoming publications, so they’ll all be in one place.

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Art Saturday: Dragon


This week’s watercolor/ fountain pen doodle is a dragon in a forest.

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Art Saturday: Tree on a hill

So I’m enjoying my fountain pens and ink and looking to get back in the habit of drawing regularly. To that end, I’m setting up a picture to keep by my computer so I can doodle when files are slow to load or I have a few minutes. Here’s my first effort:


Fountain pen enthusiasts who wish to build up a stash of colorful ink could do far worse than to sign up for Goulet Pen’s Ink Drop program–you get a selection of ink sample along a theme every month. I built up a stash pretty quickly that way and found some beautiful colors I wouldn’t otherwise have tried.

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Short Story out in the world

I am slow to blog this one, but! I have a short story, “Baby Feet,” available to read over at Daily Science Fiction.

I am thrilled to have it out there in the world. It’s a peculiar (and good!) feeling, having written for so long primarily for myself and one or two other people to read, to have strangers reading and commenting. The night before the story went live, I had a moment of stage fright, wondering whether anyone would like it (or care enough to dislike it,) so the fact that there were some positive comments was very reassuring. 🙂


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And so it begins

zero draft

Let the editing begin. *readies the red pen* (Actually, it’s purple.)

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Finished the first draft of the next book, clocking in at roughly 82000 words. That will expand during edits. But it’s nice to be done with this one.

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Behold, a blog

This here is my shiny new blog, for the purpose of shiny new news about writing-related stuff. Older news: I have a short story forthcoming in the Fantasy Faction Anthology. Newer news: I just sold another story, details to follow soon. But I got to sign my first contract (actually, email said contract.) It made me feel very writery. Details to follow.

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