Queen of Storms Update & Recent Reading

Writing Update

Whew! The first draft of Queen of Storms is done and off to my wonderful beta readers. Yay!

This one took a bit longer to write and (especially) edit than I anticipated. A lot happens in this book, and it’s significantly longer than Strangehold and Sorrow’s Son. Despite having a fairly solid outline, there were some side quests that needed to be pruned out and redirected–My first draft was 90,000 words, which my first pass through reduced to 73,000, and the draft I sent to my beta readers is about 78,000. It always feels weird to cut out whole scenes and storylines and then patch over the holes, but the book is so much stronger for it. And it’ll be even stronger after my wonderful readers tell me what’s still missing.

If you recall the end of Sorrow’s Son, the gang was poised to go to Faerie.

I was (and am still) so excited about getting a closer look at Faerie, both the court and the wilder lands. I hope you will enjoy it too.


I have read so many wonderful books lately–I’m on a fantastic reading streak. A few highlights:

The Tea Master and the Detective by Aliette de Bodard is a genderbent homage to Sherlock Holmes, in which the part of Watson is played by a mindship, The Shadow’s Child. Long Chau wants The Shadow’s Child‘s help studying the effects of deep space on a body, but of course, the study leads to an investigation… I loved this. Set in de Bodard’s Xuya universe, so if you like it, there’s much more to read.

Matt Wallace’s Sin du Jour urban fantasy series about a catering company that serves supernatural creatures recently wrapped up with Taste of Wrath. I highly recommend this whole series. They’re novellas, so each individual book is short, but together they add up to one delightful, gonzo storyline.

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Emma Newman’s Planetfall. And it turns out, I agree with them all. (I am still thinking about the ending and trying to decide how I feel about it.) The good news about being late to the party is book three just came out, so I have the next two to catch up.

Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman is my most recent read, and oh man did I love this book. (I also loved her previous two, Seraphina and Shadow Scale.  This book is set in that same world–Tess is Seraphina’s half-sister–but I don’t think you need to have read the first two books to enjoy this one, though the connections will be richer if you do, of course.) This is a contemplative, internal book about a protagonist who doesn’t fit into her heavily patriarchal world coming to grips with all that has happened to her and been done to her, and the choices she made. It is not action-heavy at all, but I was rapt the whole time with Tess’s internal struggle.

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