I have been typing away furiously on Queen of Storms. I’m not technically doing NaNoWriMo “right,” because I had a significant chunk of Queen of Storms written already, but I wanted to ride on the collective creative power of all those other writers, so I’m doing it. I’m obfuscation there if you’re doing it and want to check in. It’s kind of fun getting little wordcount badges–that tiny ping of validation is a nice motivator.

Speaking of nice motivators, I’ve been using the website as a way to get myself going with writing sessions. It’s writing made into a quest-style game, in which you defeat monsters by writing X amount of words in X amount of time. The timers are long enough (especially for big goals) that I can count my morning writing and my lunch writing toward the same creature. It’s been a great boost for me–instead of hitting my goal wordcount and quitting, I’ll tackle another monster or two. In each area of the game there are usually at least two choices of different amounts of wordcount to tackle, so if you only have limited time, you can aim small, or if you want to try for a bigger one you can go for it. Highly recommended if gamification works for you.

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