WorldCon 75

Back in August, I went to my first WorldCon, WC 75. I traveled with my mom and my sister. We went to Amsterdam and Stockholm before taking an overnight cruise to Helsinki and WorldCon. It was a fantastic trip.

WorldCon has a YouTube channel here with videos of some of the panels. Some of the ones I attended:

Romance and the Female Gaze

We are the Crystal Gems

Food Lies (this was particularly fun)

But some of the panels I went to appear not to have been recorded. Mary Robinette Kowal’s Short Story Writing for Novelists was a fantastic lecture. Here are a couple of resources that seem to cover the ground that Mary talked about at WorldCon:

Writing Excuses 12.32: Structuring a Short Piece

JoCo Cruise Short Story Structure

I found this lecture so incredibly useful for thinking about what to put in and what to leave out of a short story, and what order to put the pieces in. The Writing Excuses show notes also have a very helpful infographic to help visualize the information Mary covers in the lectures.

What I can’t find is something to cover the same ground as the incredibly informative Self-Publishing panel that I went to. It was great. My mom and sister are not involved in publishing whatsoever and have no plans to ever self-publish anything, and yet they still found it interesting. (So, kudos to the guests and moderators for making it compelling even to some folks with no skin in the game!) Luckily, I took pretty detailed notes, so sometime soon when I have the time, I’ll type those up and post them here.


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