Peavine Falls

Over Labor Day weekend, my family and I went to Oak Mountain State Park, which is a beautiful park only about a half hour away from us. It’s got canoeing and horseback riding and swimming and probably a bunch of other stuff I don’t know about, as it had been decades since I went out there. But there’s a waterfall I remembered hiking to, and we wanted to take the kids out there to experience it for themselves. I look a jillion pictures. A select few are below the cut.

We drove up a steep, winding road to get to the trail head, passing some picnic tables with beautiful views of the valley. (Next time, hike then picnic, we all agreed.) The trail itself started out wide and shady, perfect for strolling.

As we walked, we found the shiniest, greenest acorns I’ve ever seen. They practically glowed in the light. We each picked out one and named it. (Leopard, Olive, Mr. Fat Bomb, and Watermelon, in case you’re wondering.)

Once we passed a certain point, the trail got much rockier and steeper, to the point where I was a little apprehensive about walking down it with our five year old. (On the way back, I decided both my children might be part mountain goat, as they scrambled up much more quickly than the adults did.) Lots of people had brought their dogs to play in the falls, too, and my youngest stopped to greet just about every dog we passed.

This was the “easy” side of the trail. We took the hard way.

The falls were thronging with people who’d had the same idea we had, but as the kids splashed in the water and scrambled over the rocks, most of the other people cleared out and we had a few moments to ourselves.

It was a wonderful hike, long enough to be fun but short enough not to completely wear out the kids, and delightful both in that we spent some time together and got to take in some of the natural beauty in our area. I looked up some of the other hikes around us, and there are more than I thought (and some I’d never heard of.) As the weather gets a little cooler, we’ll be spending more weekends like this.

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