Sorrow’s Son Release Day and Strangehold sale!

It’s here! Sorrow’s Son is live on Amazon. I’m really excited for the book to be live and hope you enjoy it if you check it out. It’s a little longer than book one; Strangehold was about 45,000 words, and Sorrow’s Son clocks in at 55,000. There’s a new POV character, Javier, who was orphaned during the Savannah flu and is looking for other spellcasters. He finds Morgan, Rowan, and the twins, and the plot thickens from there.

Javier was actually the first character I wrote in the Crossroads of Worlds setting, back before I really had Morgan and her family figured out. Back then, my working title was Desiderium, which is an old word meaning “a feeling of grief for something lost.” My initial conception was of a spellcaster who wasn’t even sure if there were any other magicians left in the world but was looking for them anyway, left in his own private desolation because his whole world was gone and the nonmagical world hardly even noticed. I also wanted to write a character who had suffered and lost a lot, but was still essentially kind. I hope I’ve succeeded.

Of course, the characters, setting, and complications evolved as I wrote, so it’s not quite so elegiac and mournful as all that, and there are significantly more hellhounds than in my first draft.

Free book! 

And to celebrate Sorrow’s Son being finished and out there in the world, Strangehold is free through Tuesday. If you’ve been thinking about checking it out, now is a great time!


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