Strangehold is now available!

It’s here! Strangehold is now available for purchase here as an ebook or in print. Whew! I am both excited and nervous for other people to read it.

I cut my urban fantasy teeth on Emma Bull and Mercedes Lackey, among others, back in the eighties and nineties. I have always loved the interaction between humanity and Faerie, the contrast of the contemporary world with the fantasy one, mortal humans and the immortal–or nearly so–fae. I’ve also always loved stories that cross worlds, so I wrote in several of them.

Coming in August is a prequel novelette for newsletter subscribers, that sees Morgan and a fellow student travel to 1990s Edinburgh to participate in the Beltane festivities. Shortly after that, book two of the Crossroads of Worlds, Sorrow’s Son, will be released. Whew!



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