Signs of Fall

October of 2012 to be precise

Blue skies of yesteryear

Fall technically started six days ago. Today was the first day that I felt a chill in the air–in the morning anyway. By the time I took my eldest to soccer practice, it was sunny and hot. But it was the pleasant sunny and hot, the kind that results in mere perspiration rather than dripping sweat. I was able to sip hot tea at midafternoon and feel no need to crank the AC lower.

Fall is my favorite season, followed by spring. Both, in Alabama, are when it is truly pleasant to be outside, not damn hot, or pretty cold (pretty sure those from northern climes would consider our winters merely balmy, but to be fair, they would consider our summers heatstroke.) There’s something about an autumn sky that’s bluer than any other, the better to display leaves of red, gold, yellow.

This year, fall’s a little late. The sky is black (and until today, hot) when I wake up and the leaves have started falling before the temperatures drop. We’ve lived here long enough that I know what trees I’m looking forward to seeing in their fall clothes, and fingers crossing the heat and the drought don’t keep their autumn glory from full fruition.

Looking forward to frost on the leaves.

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