Short Fiction March 2016

This month, I filled out my first ever Hugo nominations. Yay! Go me! However, it made me realize that I don’t track my short fiction reading, and it was tough to remember what exactly I read in the 2015. (There was one story that I never could find, and I’m not even sure it was published in 2015….) So going onward, I’m going to track it so that *next* year, I’ll be able to remember what it was I read. This is short stories up to novellas.

An asterisk to the left of a story is a note to myself to consider it for award time next year. Obviously I will have to cut it down a lot if I keep starring at this rate. An asterisk to the right means I thought it was really good, but it wasn’t published in 2016.

I Am Graalnak… – Laura Pearlman

To Be Read Upon Your Waking–Robert J Bennett *

The Curse of Giants– Jose Pablo Iriarte

*A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers-Alyssa Wong

*The Ballad of Black Tom- Victor LaValle

Monstrous Embrace– Rachel Swirsky

Your Orisons May┬ábe Recorded– Laurie Perry

*That Game We Played During the War-Carrie Vaughn

The Builders-Daniel Polansky

*The Terracotta Bride-Zen Cho

The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill-Kelly Robson*

The Waters of Versailles-Kelly Robson

Spacedad– Amanda Grace Shu

Love is Never Still-Rachel Swirsky

The Shootout Solution- MIchael Underwood

Pockets-Amal El Mohtar*

The Sad Tale of the Tearless Onion-Ann Leckie

*Forest of Memory- Mary Robinette Kowal

*The Second Death-Teresa Frohock



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